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The Music Curriculum at St Mary's 

10 things schools should know about Music

  1. Music boosts school improvement: when music permeates the curriculum it can have a positive influence on everything from academic attainment to attendance

  2. Music improves learning skills

  3. Music fosters team work

  4. Music builds life skills: concentration, calm, recognition of own skills and those of other people

  5. Music underpins better behaviour: to learn music you need discipline

  6. Music encourages creativity

  7. Music is for life: early start, life-long passion

  8. Music is an educational building block: high quality music can improve self-confidence, behaviour, social skills as well as improve academic achievement across the curriculum

  9. Music is fun 

  10. Music is for everyone: music is inclusive irrespective of abilities

From Music Mark - The UK Association for Music Education.

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Learning Platforms

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