Reception Term 1

Welcome! We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Our first term is about settling in and working as a learning team.

Things that you can do at home to help your child are to:

Reinforce the sounds covered in class by completing the sounds sent home - practise the sound of the letter and the correct formation of the letter (Letter formation sheets will be sent home).

  • Practise name writing. Please make sure your child uses lower case letters except for their initial letter.

  • Share reading books, discussing plots, characters and their feelings, as well as simply decoding the text.

  • Look over key words (sheets sent home) with your child and encourage the recognition of these words in any order.

  • Draw your child’s attention to numbers in their environment e.g. telephones, door numbers, car number plates etc. Count things around the home. How many windows do we have etc?

  • Encourage your child to dress themselves for school and take their uniform off at the end of the day to promote independence.

Recommended websites: - very useful for pronunciation of sounds - lots of free phonic based games more phonics games 


Recommended APPs:

Pocket Phonics: a super resources for teaching letters and sounds including reading, writing and spelling.

Doodle Buddy: a paint app which helps develop hand eye coordination. 

Bee Bot: an app which helps improve directional language (forwards, backwards, left right etc.)



  •  Every child must bring a coat to school

  •  Every child must bring their reading book into school every day

  •  We use our outdoor provision daily so wellies are essential, please bring in a pair to leave in school!

  •  Please label everything!


Can you help?

  • Are you able to help? If you are interested in hearing children read, or with other jobs within the classroom please see Mrs Williams for more information

  • As we are further developing the role play area we offer within the classroom, any dressing up clothes in good condition would be greatly appreciated.

  • If you have any materials spare at home, such as buttons, fabric, pasta shapes, ribbons etc, you would like to donate we would appreciate them for use in our craft area.

  • Outdoor resources – crates, guttering, pipes, fabrics, all in good condition would be greatly appreciated to help further develop our outdoor area.


Thank you.

Pray ~ Learn ~ Love ~ Enjoy

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