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Maths Year 6                                                               2020/21

Year 6 maths inlcudes new work and revision of earlier topics. Children should be working on multi-step problems now, using all of their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills. They are encouraged to work independently, deciding for themselves the best method of solving a problem, and then using inverse operations to check that they are correct.

Revision is extremely important in order to help prepare them for KS2 SATs and secondary school – if they do not have a grasp of certain mathematical methods now, children struggle to move on to the next step.

Maths is taught through mental, practical and written lessons, and where possible, the children are shown how it links to other areas of the curriculum, such as science or ICT, as well as everyday life.

Children are still encouraged to draw diagrams and use any concrete resources that may support their working out. 


Maths will take place every morning and we will be continuing to work on a two week timetable, alternating between a single maths lesson one day and a double maths lesson the next. It is really important that we maximize as much time as possible for learning and so the Year 6 maths team would like you to try very hard to ensure you are fully prepared, ready and on time for every lesson in order to avoid wasting time or disrupting learning. Teachers will have stationery supplies available for you to use if needed, but it is much more practical for the you to bring your own resources to the lessons. A list of what the you will need to have available every lesson is listed opposite.


* 2 sharp HB pencils

* Handwriting pen

* 30cm ruler (not flexible)

* 15cm ruler (useful but not essential)

* Geometry set (useful but not essential)

* White board and pen (provided by the school)

* Glue stick

What Will My Child Be Learning?

To find out more about what your child will be learning in mathematics over the course of the year check out the UKS2 Mathematics Long Term Plan linked below.  Your children will be set home learning tasks on a regular basis and your support and encouragement with these tasks would be beneficial. It will also give you an opportunity to see what the children are learning.  If you need any further information or have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact your child's maths teacher. 

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