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Year 1 Term 5

Great Fire.jpg
Samuel Pepys.jpg

What happened on Pudding Lane on Sunday 2nd September 1666?

How do we know about the Great Fire of London?

Pudding lane.jpg

Who was Thomas Farriner and what part did he play in the Great Fire of London?

Who was Samuel Pepys?

Weather and Seasonal Change

Snowy weather.jpg

What weather do you like? Sunshine, snow, storms, showers?


Do you like looking at the clouds?


Can you tell what the weather's going to be like? 


Does the weather change with the season?

What are the seasons?

When do they change?

What weather can we expect?

Rainy 2.jfif

What shall I wear today?


Wellington boots and a rain coat?


A sun hat?


Maybe a warm coat?

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