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Indigo Class ~ Term 1 2021-2022

Welcome back to school!

This term's learning journey is:

The Victorians

Pack up your lunchbox and head off for a day in the life of a Victorian child.  Perhaps you will be squeezing up a chimney, working in a factory or heading down a mine. 

During this term, we will be learning about the experiences of Victorian children and comparing these with our own lives.


We will learn about the Victorian philanthropists who helped to change and improve the lives of the Victorian children and we will relate this to the freedoms and protections we experience today. 

Did you know?

- The Victorian era  was one of exciting discoveries, inventions and exploration following the Industrial Revolution.


-During the Victorian era, the telephone, motorcar, typewriter and bicycle were invented. 

- The expansion of the railways during the Victorian era meant that people could travel faster and further than ever before. All of Britain’s major cities, like London, Glasgow and Manchester, were now connected. Before trains, the fastest mode of transport was horses. All aboard!

- Children as young as 5 were employed in mines, factories and as chimney sweeps during the Victorian era.

Do you need some reading inspiration? Then check out the lists below that name 100 books that you could read in years five and six!

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