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Violet Class Term 1                               The Circulatory System


We will be beginning this year with out new topic, The Circulatory System. Here we will be exploring the functions of this system within the human body and will be examining how different lifestyle factors such as diet and exercise, can affect our bodies. 

Please see our class text for this term. We will be using this text to inspire our reading and writing. Click on the image of the book to find out more about it.

pig heart boy.jpg
Our learning value this term is RESILIENCE. This is particularly relevant to Year 6. This year they become more independent and mature learners as they prepare for the challenges ahead of them at secondary school. To do this, they must take responsibility for their own learning by not giving up when it gets hard; always striving for the best in themselves and knowing that the first draft is never the final piece! 
It is every pupil's responsibility to get themselves ready for school each morning and be prepared for the day ahead with the right equipment, kit and bring back their slips for trips on time. 
This is why Year 6 wear their white shirts. These white shirts show that they are the ambassadors of St Mary's: setting a great example to their peers, being responsible monitors and showing others that they are proud of their school. Sometimes they will make mistakes, but in Year 6, resilience always shines through! 
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