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Violet Class Term 3                                                    Smugglers


Welcome to the secret world of the smugglers! This term we will be learning all about smuggling, famous smugglers, crime and punishment and the famous smuggler's song. Journey with us on this dangerous and exciting adventure! 


Our class text is called 'A Pinch of Magic.' Look out for videos of us reading this in class on this page to help you join in at home! 

As part of our at-home football drills, Emily has been practising her fast feet. Look at her go! 


Click on the image of the horse and carriage to hear A Smuggler's song read by Miss Ticehurst! 

Violet Class love a good double-page spread and some these examples of their recent Smugglers non-chronological reports are brilliant! 

Luke G.jpg
Isobel .jpg

English Learning Zone

Please look at the resources on offer in this space. If you or your child is unsure of any spelling strategies, grammar terminology or reading comprehension questions, then please have a look and practise them. Please feel free to contact the class teacher for any additional support - I am here to help! 

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