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Pray Learn Love Enjoy

Pray Learn Love Enjoy


Welcome to our admissions page

Although Catholic children have priority of admission, the Governing Body also welcomes applications from those of other denominations and faiths and those of no faith who will support the religious ethos of the school.


Admission to Reception Class in September

To apply for a place at this school, you need to complete:

or by phoning 0300 330 9472


  • The school’s Supplementary Information Form (SIF) 

This is available from the school and the school website and allows the governors to put all applicants in order of priority for admission in line with the published admission policy.


Admission at other times and In Year Transfers

Please see information in the link below.

Supplementary Information Form for 2024/2025

Admissions Timetable for 2023/24

Admissions for September 2024.


Admissions for Reception class 2024 closed on 15th January 2024.  Late applications can still be made through East Sussex Admissions. See the Late Applications guidance below.


Please see the Admissions timetable document for more information


Please note the allocation for the places for Reception class 2024 will be notified by East Sussex Admissions department by email on Monday 15th April 2024.