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Pray Learn Love Enjoy

Pray Learn Love Enjoy

Term 4

Plants, Paws and Whiskers!

This term we will start with finding out about the history of toys since the 1960s. What is different and what has stayed the same?
Next, we'll find out about some wild and wonderful animals! How could we sort and group them?
Finally, we will learn about the plants in our local environment. We will 'get to know a tree' - will it be deciduous or coniferous? How can you tell?
We will be making some clay sculptures of plants we find.
What a busy term!


Think like a Scientist!

What plants and animals are in our local area? 

Let's go exploring and see what we can find!



Identifying plants

Animal Classification



Think like a Historian!

What changes have there been in the types of toys since the 1960s?


Key vocabulary:

decade, century, past, present
plastic, internet, world wide web, wifi