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Pray Learn Love Enjoy

Pray Learn Love Enjoy

Term 3

Icy Adventures


In this exciting project we will be learning all about intrepid explorers and their adventures. What preparations might they make? What would you take with you for a trip to the coldest places in the world? How did explorers survive in the past? How has exploration changed?


Find out what makes people go on such great adventures as we learn about some of the most famous explorers in history.



Think like a scientist!


What equipment would you need for a polar exploration? What materials would keep you warm? How can you test your ideas? We will be using our observation skills to suggest answers to these questions.





Moving Vehicles


How can we help the explorers we have been learning about? Can we think of a way to transport their kit? Could we make a vehicle that moves? In DT we will be taking on this design challenge by exploring and using simple mechanisms. 




We will be moving on to Branch 3: Galilee to Jerusalem. We will hear about Jesus's presentation at the Temple, Jesus's mission, how the disciples were called and the story of Zacchaeus. 





We will be learning about special people in our lives, treating others well and saying sorry. This will be taught using our Diocesan supported scheme, 'Ten:Ten, Life to the Full'.


We have completed some work on recognising and composing patterns and are now focussing on 2D and 3D shapes. We have been exploring tangrams, tetrominoes and pentominoes. We will be moving on to some number work later on in the term.  



We are learning to compose word patterns in groups and melodies in pairs using mi-re-do (E-D-C). We are learning to chant together rhythmically and sing an echo song while tapping the beat. We will learn how to play a simple ostinato (repeated rhythmic pattern) on untuned percussion. Finally, we will be learning to recognise the difference between a pattern with notes (pitched) and without (unpitched).



We will be starting with some work on travelling before moving onto wide and narrow shapes; taking off, jumping and landing; use of hands and feet; balancing and ‘rock and rolling’.



Curious Quests

We continue with our mission to complete the quests that Professor Klunk sends to us through his magic tin. The term begins with learning based around ‘Oi Frog’. We will be looking at rhyme, -ing suffixes, questions and answers plus lots of work on vocabulary. Phonics will continue to be taught based on our most recent assessments.