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Pray Learn Love Enjoy

Pray Learn Love Enjoy

Ofsted and Performance Data

Inspection Reports

Our latest Inspection reports from both Ofsted and the Diocese (Section 48) can be found here along with a link to Parent View which allows parents to complete an online survey on their views of the school once each year.

School Results

Test Results 2019: National Comparative Data KS2 



St Mary's: 89.5% expected+  (National: 73.2%)

St Mary's: 106.2 Average Score (National: 104.4)

St Mary's: 26.3% at higher standard  (National: 26.9%)

St Mary's: +3.67 Reading Progress Score (National: 0.03)

Writing (TA): 

St Mary's: 73.7% expected+ (National: 78.5%)

St Mary's: 26.3% at higher standard  (National: 20.1%)

St Mary's: +0.56 Writing Progress Score (National: 0.03 )


St Mary's: 73.3% expected+  (National: 78.7%)

St Mary's: 104.9 Average Score (National: 105)

St Mary's: 31.6% at higher standard  (National: 26.6%)

St Mary's:  +1.26 Maths Progress Score (National: 0.03 )

Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar:  

St Mary's: 73.7% expected+  (National: 78%)

St Mary's: 107.5 Average Score  (National: 106.3)

St Mary's: 47.4% at higher standard  (National: 35.7%)

Reading, Writing and Maths combined: 

At expected level St Mary's: 63.2% (National: 64.9%)

At higher level St Mary's: 0% (National: 10.5%)