Our School

St Mary’s has an intake of 30 children in each year group who are taught in our seven classrooms throughout the school. We also have a shared area for further learning in Reception and Year 1 classes, an ICT suite which is constantly being updated, now with a set of Ipads too!  We have a library and a number of rooms available for small group tuition. We are lucky to have a large field which we use well during the summer months, along with three different playground areas and a single lane running track. We have a nature area on the school field which now also includes a prayer garden, allotment and quiet space. 


Our swimming pool is very important to us and our children are able to enjoy swimming lessons once a week for half the year. We work closely with H2O Swimming School to share this valuable resource with the community.


We are continually trying to update our school and in recent years have improved lighting around the school, provided better play space for all children, the entrance area and the outdoor free flow provision for Reception children.

Facilities at St Mary's:

  • Swimming Pool

  • Playing Field

  • 3 Playgrounds

  • Computer Suite

  • Library

  • Group Teaching Rooms

  • Nature Reserve / Prayer garden


After School Activities:

We provide a differing range of after school activities throughout the year with our own staff or through private providers:

  • PE Clubs

  • Gym Club

  • Dance Club

  • Homework Club

  • Karate


Pray ~ Learn ~ Love ~ Enjoy

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