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Welcome Back, Orange Class!
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A mini-project based on the book 'All Are Welcome' by Alexandra Penfold. We will learn about our new classroom, new teachers and new routines!
Amazing Me!
Amazing Me.png
This project is all about how amazing you are! How does your body work? What do you look like? How do you feel? We will think about our amazing families, too!
Our Town
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This term we will be investigating the geography of our local area. What physical and human features will we see? We will look at maps, and go out and about to do some fieldwork!
Celebrate Together!
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Later in the term we will look at some different times of celebration, what different people do to celebrate and how to make some healthy party food! 
Icy Adventures
In this exciting project we will be learning all about intrepid explorers to the icy polar regions. What preparations might they make? What would you take with you for a trip to the coldest places in the world? How did explorers survive in the past? How has exploration changed?
Icy Adventures intro pic.jpg
Plants, Paws and Whiskers!
This term we will learn about our local environment. What plants and animals will we find? What geographical features are there? Further afield, we will be going on a road trip around the countries of the United Kingdom! 
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Garden Safari
This term we will find out what's right under our noses! We will learn about the tiny creatures that live in our environment. What are they? Where do they live? What do they like and need? How does the weather affect the minibeasts and our environment. How can we use some of the plants in our school garden?
Orange Butterfly 2

What weather do you like? Sunshine, snow, storms, showers?


Do you like looking at the clouds?


Can you tell what the weather's going to be like? 

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside!
Seaside science - What animals live in a seaside habitat? Vertebrate or invertebrate? Herbivore, carnivore or omnivore? How do humans affect this habitat - we'll find out about seaside pollution.
Seaside history - Why do we like to go to the seaside nowadays? What is it like at the seaside? What was the seaside like in the past?
Sea Pollution
victorian seaside pic.jpg
Orange Butterfly 2

 Year 1 2021/2022

Welcome to Year 1

In Year 1 at St Mary's, children continue to learn through play and investigation, while beginning to focus on the subject areas of the National Curriculum. Children will continue to work on phonics to develop their reading and writing skills, and will use many practical resources to develop their understanding of mathematical concepts. Across the curriculum, children develop both skills and knowledge through themed projects. Here are the projects planned for this year!

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