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Year 5       2021/2022

Term 6

Welcome to Indigo Class, my name is Ms Solly and I am the class teacher, we have two teaching assistants:  Mrs Pallant and Mr Coleman.  Our aim is to provide the children with the best possible opportunity to flourish academically and whilst on that journey, build their confidence, spark more interest and of course enjoy their learning too. 


Homework will continue to be sent home every Thursday and should be returned not later than the following Thursday. It will link to what we have been learning in class and will be either maths or English. 

Children will be tested on their spellings weekly.  Thank you for your support with the homework to date, it is a really important discipline, as it will help them immensely with their classwork.  Please encourage the children to read daily, little and often is the key to success.

If you click on the links at the top of the page, you will find information regarding our learning each term. 


I will check my email after school but not when I am in class, as they are my focus, so if you need a message to reach me, it should be sent to the office, especially anything linked to pick-ups, please continue to liaise with the office.


Welcome again to Indigo Class.

Do you need some reading inspiration? Then check out the lists below that name 100 books that you could read in years five and six!

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